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residential interior design fredericksburg va


We understand that people have specific needs to make their place functional for them. Sometimes it’s incorporating a family heirloom. Often the fabrics need to be kid or pet friendly. We have abundant options for this without comprising the design. Our resources for furnishings and fixtures include everything from local businesses to vendors around the world. These connections enable us to find the pieces that are unique to your space. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients enjoy working with us and feel heard in their needs and expectations. We truly are all about “Designing to make you love where you live!"

We Are a Design Firm Focused on Creating Practical Spaces for our Clients Without Losing the Integrity of Design

Our ideal client is one that understands the value of our practice. We aren’t necessarily looking for a particular style of house or location of business, but rather someone that is able to let go and let us do what we do best. It might be challenging for some in the beginning. We encourage our clients to sit back and relax…we got this. The results typically exceed our client’s expectations. Sometimes people assume that hiring us will be expensive. The reality is, we often save our clients money.  As an experienced design firm, we know what improvements and furnishings will be worth their investment for years to come.

residential interior design fredericksburg va

Beth & Michelle's Love for Design Led Them to
Establish Webb Smith Interiors in 2014

residential interior design fredericksburg va

Meet Beth: She grew up in the Fredericksburg area and graduated from Radford University in 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in interior design and a minor in art. She is an active member of ASID -American Society of Interior Designers and has been working in the industry since 1997. She launched her career in a commercial architecture firm and later transitioned to independently taking on residential projects until Beth and Michelle launched Webb Smith Interiors in 2014. She has three children, two grown and one in school, and too many dogs to count! When she's not working, Beth enjoys shopping, fashion, making homemade pretzels, and vegging with her kids. She loves designing even in her free time! Her guilty pleasures include watching Hallmark movies, sleeping in, and she has an affinity for peanut butter cups.

Meet Michelle: She was born and raised in Northern VA and moved to Fredericksburg in 2003. She shares Beth's passion for interior design and has been decorating friend’s homes for years. She has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and business management. Her experience as a licensed Realtor since 2003 helps clients make selections that add value to their home. Michelle has grown kids and two school age boys, a grandson, and a Goldendoodle named Olive. She and her husband have been married since 2000. She enjoys, traveling, making homemade pasta, yoga, binge watching series with her husband and spending time with family. Her guilty pleasures include watching all things Bravo, hanging out in her pajamas, and hiding her secret candy stash from her kids.

residential interior design fredericksburg va
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