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residential interior design fredericksburg va
residential interior design fredericksburg va
residential interior design fredericksburg va

01. Information Gathering

When you, a potential client contacts us via our website, we will quickly respond with an email thanking you for contacting us and asking for some information from you. This includes details such as location of project, scope of the job, desired timeline to begin project, and budget. After we receive that information, we then follow up with a phone call to discuss our initial design consultation with you.


We encourage you to look at our “What’s Your Style” page to help determine what inspires you. If you have a different style than your significant other, no problem! We know how to make different design styles work well together.

02. Initial Meeting

Next, we schedule our first meeting on site to discuss specifics about your project. If you have inspiration photos or even a Pinterest board, that’s helpful but not required. During this time we may take photos and measurements if necessary. Once we conclude the meeting, we request payment for your first two hours of design time. If the initial consultation does not take two hours, then we apply the remaining credit to your account.

03. Project Proposal

We then follow up with a digital vision board and a written, itemized proposal showing estimated design time and suggested price for each item. We break down your proposal room by room so it’s easy to decide if you want to proceed with the entire project or work in phases. We follow up by making any revisions to your proposal. If you decide you would like to move forward with us, we then send an agreement that reviews terms, rates, and confirms that you understand the process. We request a 50% deposit of product cost. If you would like to do your project in phases, we request the deposit at the start of each phase.

04. The Fun Part

Great things are heading your way! Your Items might be directly delivered to you or arrive via a scheduled delivery company. We schedule your design installation. This includes furniture arrangement, accessories placement and all those finishing details that truly create a custom designed space.

Invoices are emailed as your project progresses. We record detailed design time and include merchandise as it is purchased. You can pay your invoices online securely through Quickbooks.

  • What is a Proposal?
    An estimate of the costs. This includes our Design Time as well as estimated cost of merchandise. Our proposal is presented room by room so it’s easy to see what to expect. This also makes things simpler if you prefer to do things in phases.
  • What does "Design Time" refer to?
    Space planning, idea planning, selecting, purchasing, ordering merchandise and materials, installation of merchandise and materials, coordinating deliveries, correspondence between client and designer, as well as correspondence between designer and any third party regarding the project.
  • What does "Merchandise and Materials" refer to?
    Furnishings, fixtures, products and accessories to complete the design of the space. Does not include delivery charges or sales tax since those can only be factored at time of purchase.
  • What are "Accessories" and do I really need them?
    Refers to items like lamps, pictures, wall hangings, vases, candles, throw pillows and décor. Yes! You need accessories! It’s the difference between a beautiful, finished design and just a room full of furniture.
  • What’s an "Installation"?
    Delivery of any new furniture and accessories. Designers will set into place and arrange all furniture and/or décor as described in the design plan. Any existing elements that are to be incorporated will be done at this time.
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